It can be generally maintained, that Pickhan Engineering is active in the whole sector of Heavy Fabrication – with all its different facets. However over time focus areas could be revealed. Our current range of services therefore comprises the following sectors:

Sophisticated formed components
This diverse segment consists of transition pieces, half pipes, pipes and elbows as well as cones, pressed parts and special profiles, toroidal and spherical formed plates as well as vessel heads. The sculptures follow their own special rules in an extra field.

Explosion clad material and components
We work with different combinations of material and take for example steel as basic material. We combine it with various other clad materials like stainless steel, alloys of copper and nickel, aluminium, molybdenum, tantalum, titanium or zirconium.

We produce even forgings of various materials. We use C-steel and duplex as well as nickel alloys, which are especially well adapted for the usage in big offshore-facilities, the oil and gas industry as well as nuclear technology facilities.

Welded tubes
Our tubes are produced with stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, nickel alloys and titanium. The diameter of the pipes can vary from ¼ to 2 ½ inch.

Components for gas turbines combustion chambers
Here, we talk about extremely heat resistant components made out of superalloys like Inconel® 617. Such components are eg. hot gas casings, inner liners, gas burners, exhaust gas casings, secondary air nozzles and many other things more. We produce new components but we also recondition used components, inclusively the coating with a TBC-/WPC-Coating.

Special machines
We develop a broad range of machines according to the individual requests of our customers. More precisely, we design completely new machines, (re)design existing machines or carry out even extensive customer specific alternations.