The Think Tank with high performance potential

Pickhan Engineering is the right partner, if you want to develop a special construction or custom construction parts made of steel and metal. Our development department carries out structural analysis and produces design drawings. It develops and builds up prototypes as well as models and development of surfaces. For this purpose, we use e.g. the CAD-system called CATIA, with which we can produce virtual 3D-models through the “Digital Mock-up” procedure. Also we can digitalise in the field of “Reverse Engineering” parts of constructions and models by using a special 3-D-scanner. These data form the basis of the later production.

Professional management for perfectly executed projects
Pickhan Engineering is specialised in the entire planning, execution, installation and assembly of extensive projects in the industrial field as well as with art projects.

Architectural projects, Art projects and Sculptures

The extraordinary composition of our team enables us to offer particular services. The demanding and challenging requirements in structural engineering and in interior design, with which we are sometimes confronted with when we work on art projects and sculptures challenge our architects, engineers, logistics experts and specialists greatly. These experts and specialists give their very best when looking for creative solutions, concepts and ideas that consider the sensitive demands and the available budgets. Here Pickhan Engineering has made a name for itself by executing multiple successful examples in Germany as well as abroad – particularly with the development of important projects of sculptures as well as with art events.

Marketing and Sales of technically sophisticated products

As a representative of various industrial companies, which all produce extremely sophisticated technical products, Pickhan Engineering enjoys taking care of their marketing and sales.

Technical Consultancy, Research and Development
We act as technical consultants for industrial companies and economic institutes and support them in scientific and industrial projects. In the field of Research and Development for special products, we work together closely with international universities.

Interim- and Crisis Management
We can provide our customers with additional management capacities for internal alternation processes as well as for special projects – even at very short notice. Since we are very familiar with this branch, we rarely need to waste precious time on long training periods.
In cooperation with an international investor group, we offer industrial companies with poor credit and even insolvent companies, solutions on how to manage such critical situations systematically.

The writing of expert´s reports
Our qualified experts write investment reports about movable fixed assets and current assets of industrial companies as well as about real estate property. We also write damage reports for the regulation of certain machines, facilities and real estate property. The reports that we write serve to discover and to reveal mistakes in the planning, construction or usage of machines and facilities.