A corporate culture of grown values

The secret of Pickhan Engineerings lasting success throughout the years is it's traditional values. These have always been the core of this family-owned company, right from day it was founded. In its third generation and at the beginning of the third millennium the attitude of experienced forging masters towards the value of a sound work is still alive. Notions like precision, experience and loving ones work are still fundamental parts of our vocabulary and values. They mean a lot to us.

Even if the requirements, demands and the range of services have increased over time, for us precision is still one of the most important criteria of lasting high quality.

They still exist: People, who enjoy their work almost every day. Who understand themselves as an essential part of Pickhan Engineering and who take on true responsibility. This is the same way we see them and this is how our corporate culture has developed itself, in which we exist daily.

Experience is one of the biggest treasures a company can possess. Especially when dealing with demanding tasks. Fine senses and awareness need to be developed in order to correctly understand and solve the tasks. We have obtained this intuition over the decades through the handling of numerous projects and tasks.